Bios password for Dell Vostro 3300 problem & solution!

Jan 18, 2014 -  Bios password for Dell Vostro 3300 problem & solution!

 I am working on a Dell Vostro 3300.

Problem: Need to unlock this dell laptop, it's a dell Vostro 3300, the bios password is set,

when I turn on this laptop it display service tag being 7 characters on a blue box asking to enter system password, the other option seems to be the administrator password.

the laptop is locked and I can not access the bios setup page.

I Googled for a solution online

Solution 1: support requires owner ship proof and i don't have it.

Solution 2: website seems to have the password, and i will try that.

Jan 18, 2014 - HDD password for Dell Vostro 3300
Dell Vostro 3300 BIOS Password:

I bought the Bios password from and received it with 5 minutes,
the password worked & the motherboard is unlocked,
It seems to me that I now need the hard drive password,
wasn't expecting that .

Dell Vostro 3300 Hard drive Password:


Well, here we go again... bought the hard drive password as well, and it worked,
finally it went directly to windows without requiring a Windows password  .

Aug 01, 2013
The problem was solved thanks to

* overall hep 100%
* recommeded.

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